+/-12V Output Multi-Topology DC/DC with LT8471

12V output multi topology DC-DCThe Mpression +/-12V output multi-topology DC/DC with LT8471 is a reference board specially developed for sound systems and industrial control applications.


Designs for sound systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and systems with sensors that process analog signals in high precision require op-amps that have to be combined with positive and negative power supplies to secure high dynamic range.  The power circuitry often becomes large and complex with the need for multiple topologies like +/-5V, +/-12V and +/-15V.

This reference board uses a single-chip Analog Devices LT8471 power controller to derive dual output of buck and invert that enables the analog power to be designed very compact and simple. This reference design also supports Buck, Boost, and Flyback modes to accommodate a wide range of input voltage to design inverting power for op-amps.

LT8471 Features

  • Integrated with dual 2A and single 0.5A/50A power switches
  • Generates both positive and negative outputs from a single input rail
  • 2A Primary Channels can be configured to multi-topologies such as Buck, Boost, SEPIC, ZETA, Flyback or Inverting DC/DC converter
  • Configurable switching frequency 100KHz - 2MHz
  • Anti-Phase Switching Reduces Input Ripple


For +/-12V Output

Input Voltage 6-36 V
Output Voltage +/-12V
Output Current 1.1mA  (36V input)

For +/-15V Output 

Input Voltage 4.5 - 26.4V
Output Voltage +/-15 V 
Output Current 800 mA (26.4V input) 


12V output multi topology DC-DC support documents

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