Ultra-Low Noise, Ultra-High PSRR +/-12V DC/DC with LT3045

The12V output low-noise p-n power Mpression Ultra-Low Noise, Ultra-High PSRR +/-12V DC/DC Board with LT3045 is a low-noise (0.8µVRMS at 10Hz to 100kHz) reference board for audio equipment and small-signal sensor systems.

Audio equipment designs require low noise power supply to improve audio quality, and small-signal sensor processing circuits like in CCD sensors require low-noise positive and negative power supplies for analog circuitry.

This reference board is designed using two Analog Devices linear regulators: LT3045 for the positive side linear regulator, and LT3094 for the negative side linear regulator - both with ultra-low noise (0.8µVRMS at 10Hz to 100kHz) and ultra-high PSRR, perfect for high-precision analog circuits.

ADI Devices Features

  • LT3045
    • Wide Input Voltage Range: 1.8V to 20V
    • Ultra-high PSRR: 76dB (1MHz)
    • Output Current: 500mA
    • Reverse-Battery and Reverse-Current Protection
  • LT3094
    • Wide Input Voltage Range: -1.8V to -20V
    • Ultra-high PSRR: 74dB (1MHz)
    • Output Current: 500mA
    • Output Voltage Range: 0V to -19.5V


Input Voltage 12.5V to 20V / -20V to -12.5V
Output Voltage +/-12V
Output Current Max 500 mA  (depends on input/output difference and output current)


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