Embedded Card (Discontinued)


The Embedded Card is an extension card having PCI Express Cable(*1), Gigabit Ethernet and UART interfaces and SRAM and Flash memories, for various FPGA development kits with Intel® High-Speed Mezzanine Connector (HSMC) defined by Intel®. The users of this card can start development and evaluation of embedded designs using Intel® soft processor core Nios II with the provided storage and work memory areas and peripheral interfaces, just by attaching only this card to the base board.

(*1) When used with Mpression Nitro board, supported only for HSMC Port A and B.
(*2) Cables are not included in the kit.


Main Device KSZ 9031MNX(Ethernet PHY), FT234XD(USB to UART Bridge), DS50PCI402SQ(PCIe Repeater)
Clock Device ICS854104AGILF(Clock Buffer)
SRAM device IS61WV25616BLL-10TLI / 512KB (4Mbit)
Flash device JS28F128P30BF75A / 16MB (128Mbit)
Interfaces RJ45(Ethernet), PCIe Cable, SMP(PCIe Clock), USB Micro B connector(UART)
Other features Connects with Intel FPGA based evaluation/development kits through HSMC connector.
Example designs are available, 10/100 or Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express Endpoint, UART loopback, SRAM/FLASH Write and Read test

Example Connection for Evaluation

Example evaluation environment for Mpression Nitro board. It can extend useful interfaces and embedded peripherals.


Block Diagram


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