Nitro Expansion Base Board


Nitro board is evaluation board for ALTERA's Cyclone® V GX FPGA which is developed by Macnica. Macnica's Nitro board has minimum components such as Altera Cyclone V GX FPGA in the center, DDR3 memories and clock ICs, and the three HSMC connectors. Users can be quickly prototyping FPGA-based multi-input/output applications in combination with various I/O daughter cards.

The Nitro board can implement two independent Soft Memory Controller which have 32-bit and 64-bit DDR3-SDRAM for high bandwidth application like frame buffer or graphic controller.


FPGA configuration JTAG Header, EPCS configuration device
Memory DDR3 SDRAM(32bit/64bit)
Other Interfaces SMA x2 for transceiver clock
Expansion connector HSMC Expansion connector x 3
Button/Display equipment User LED x 4, Push button x 3, DIP switch x 2

Block Diagram


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