Evaluation Environment Solutions

The Mpression OpenCL Lab is a secure environment for users to start developing OpenCL-based acceleration projects at no charge by logging in remotely to a server with Altera high-end FPGA-based hardware and the necessary development software installed.

This enables users to immediately evaluate the OpenCL development flow without any upfront investment and without the time cost associated with preparing the environment, including the Altera OpenCL SDK and FPGA development suite.

Mpression OpenCL lab circumstances


OpenCL lab server spec and Installed software

CPU Intel Core i7-6700 Processor (4core 、3.4GHz)
Memory DDR4@2133MHz 64GB
OS Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Software Quartus Prime standard edition v15.1.2 ,  Altera SDK for OpenCL v15.1.2
FPGA board BittWare S5-PCIe-HQ D8

Application form

Currently, the Mpression OpenCL Lab is only available for the Japanese customer base, as the service and procedures are being full assessed.

After this evaluation period, the Mpression OpenCL lab will be open to all interested users for the service.

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