Media Over IP Package

SMPTE® ST2110 is the Video/Audio/Ancillary over IP*1 standards suite for Professional media industries, which contributes the movement from SDI to IP-based broadcasting applications. Macnica offers SMPTE® ST2110 IP*2 product as an IP-based solution for broadcasting systems. It consists of ST2110 Hardware IP*2 for Intel® SoC FPGA implementation, ST2110 Software Development Kit, and reference design.

*1: Internet Protocol
*2: Intellectual Property

ST2110 Tx/Rx IP Package

Features and Specifications

  • SMPTE® Standard        
    • ST2059-1/2
    • ST2022-5
    • ST2022-6
    • ST2022-7
    • ST2022-8
    • ST2110-10
    • ST2110-20                                                                                
    • ST2110-21
    • ST2110-22
    • ST2110-30
    • ST2110-31
    • ST2110-40
    • RTP Payload Format for ISO/IEC 21122 (JPEG XS)
    • RP2110-23
  • NMOS
    • IS-04 v1.3
    • IS-05 v1.1
    • IS-07
    • IS-08
  • General Network
    • IGMP v2, v3
    • SDP Parser and Generator
    • In Band Control
    • Out of Band PTP
    • 10/25/40/100 G Ethernet

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Supported devices

  • Intel® Arria 10 SoC
  • Intel® Stratix 10 SoC
  • Intel® Agilex™


Hi-Level Block Diagram

Example for SDI to IP (Ethernet) Gateway Application
Example for SDI to IP (Ethernet) Gateway Application

Example for PCIe Base Design
Example for PCIe Base Design

Demo Image


Demo Image



ST2110 Hardware IP (Tx / Rx)

  • Encrypted RTL for Quartus
  • Encrypted simulation model for Questa Sim
  • License File for Quartus

ST2110 Software Development Kit

  • Broadcast Core Engine
  • Broadcast Application Library
  • NMOS Adapter Library (Optional component)


  • User’s Manual
  • Implementation Guideline
    • About Reference design
    • Intel® Core Implementation Guide (XCVR, PLL, etc.)
    • Simulation Guide
    • Software Flow

Reference Design

  • HW : Verilog base Reference design
  • SW : Sample Device Driver
  • SW : Sample CUI Application


Demonstration Videos

Media over IP Demonstration

SDI to ST2110 Gateway Demonstration (EASYSS10 EVK)




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