The SENSPIDER is the best-in-class analog data acquisition unit, with all of the functionality needed for Industrial IoT applications. It is equipped with 4 sensor interface slots for various types of analog sensors, edge compute capabilities, and system network interface in a very small form factor.

The Senspider allows for applications such as condition-based maintenance with predictive maintenance algorithms, anomaly detection, and sensor data digitization acceleration for industrial machines, utilizing its integrated computing unit for edge AI.


  • Compact Size:
    • 150 (w) x 85 (d) x 100 (h) mm. Very small size with all that's needed for industrial monitoring - sensor amplifier, data logger, compute, sensor power supply, and external communication unit - 5 major equipment in a single box.
  • Easy and efficient data acquisition for AI:
    • The Senspider allows for extracting only necessary data for AI out of all of the data acquired for more efficient post-acquisition data processing.
  • Speedy and real-time data analysis by edge computing:
    • Users can program edge computing applications for local real-time data analysis using the data acquired just right there. 
  • Adopting a variety of analog sensors:
    • The Senspider has 4 interface card slots that can be populated with any combinations of the available interface cards to accommodate most of the analog sensors in the market:
      • High-speed vibration sensor interface card (AD8251)
      • Temperature sensor interface card (LTC2983)
      • General-purpose voltage/current sensor interface card (AD8251)
  • A very high sampling rate:
    • The Senspider supports high-frequency vibration sensors with a maximum sampling rate of 48 ksps.


SENSPIDER: SSP1000 (Base unit)

  • Up to 4 interface cards
  • 1x High-speed vibration sensor interface card (SSPC1310) bundled in the kit
  • Maximum 8 channels of analog connections with ΔΣ analog-to-digital conversion (AD7761)
  • Sampling rate: Min 0.375 ksps - Max 48 ksps
  • ENOB : 16bits/ch
  • Ethernet support: 802.3i, 10/100/1000Mbps, RJ-45
  • Others: 12-24V DC power supply, up to 100mA, -20 to +60ºC operational temperature

Interface Cards

  SSPC1310High-speed Vibration Card SSPC1320General Purpose Voltage/ Current Sensor Card SSPC1330Temperature Sensor Card
Part Number SSPC1310 SSPC1320 SSPC1330
# of Channels 2 2 2
I/O Port 50Ω BNC-J AWG16-26 Single
Sensor Type Built-in Amplifier Voltage/Current Type J/K thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor
Voltage Range ±10.24, 5.12, 2.56, 1.28V ±10.24, 5.12, 2.56, 1.28V 0.1, 1
Others Power Supply to the sensor: On signal line Current Range: ±40.96, 20.48, 10.24, 5.1mA Data Format: ºC, ºF
Operational Conditions Temperature: -20ºC to + 60ºC
Humidity: 35% RH to 85% RH (No Condensation)

Data Analysis Software (Optional): Sigma

  • Timeline based data management link to SENSPIDER, waveform display, signal processing, trend display, etc
  • Capable of importing general textual measurement data collected by other equipment than Senspider
  • Uses the AI module function (when the AI module option is selected) and supports data analysis using the MT method
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