Odyssey Personalities

The Odyssey kits have pre-loaded personalities that combine a reference design and smart phone interface. With these personalities, you can quickly access and control sensors on the Odyssey Bluetooth SMART sensor board or MAX 10 FPGA board. Information for each personality will highlight what the functions are and information about the sensors or other devices being used.

The user creates personalities using the cloud based mPression Odyssey Web App from any PC with a browser:

  • The user can create the personality name, select and label buttons, add text, and add commands to interact with sensor devices and I/O
  • Alternatively, the user can edit, save and rename existing personalities

The Odyssey Web App then creates a personality file in abbreviated binary format. The Web App also has the ability to include an FPGA image in the file for kits with the Odyssey MAX 10 FPGA board.

The user downloads the file from the web and loads it via USB to the Odyssey kit

With the Android or iPhone Odyssey App, the user can then run their personalities allowing real-time wireless Bluetooth LE sensor interaction with the Odyssey kits.

Current pre-loaded personality applications planned include the following:

Personality BLE
Sensor Kit
MAX 10
ADC and Audio Monitor   Yes More Info
PWM LEDs   Yes More Info
MAX 10 Dual Config   Yes More Info
MAX 10 Remote Control   Yes More Info
MAX 10 Frequency Detect   Yes More Info
Temperature & Humidity Yes Yes More Info
Heart Rate Monitor Yes Yes More Info
Motion Detection Yes Yes More Info
Proximity Detection Yes Yes More Info
Custom Command Test Yes Yes More Info
Temperature Collection Yes Yes More Info