Odyssey Personality – Custom Command Test


This personality allows a user to emulate the new Offload Processing commands introduced in version 2.0 (Odyssey board firmware and Smartphone Apps). These commands allow a user to retrieve and/or process sensor data or user data and display results to help create custom commands without building a personality first. Also a good debug tool to stimulate/evaluate sensor or FPGA register data.


custom command.jpg

How To Use

The user enters the three required pieces of data required for a custom command using the buttons provided: Opcode, Parameter Byte and User Data (up to 32-bits). Using the Command reference in the Offload Processing User Reference, the user can try various operations, parameters and data. Then using the Read buttons, can see the results returned from the Offload Processing accumulator.

How It Works

Starting in v2.0, the on-board microcontroller has a fully customizable state machine added to the firmware that receives opcodes, related parameters and user data to process sensor and/or user data. I2C accesses and program control are also added. The operations from these opcodes can acquire and manipulate data, ultimately getting results in an accumulator that can be read back to the smartphone display. This personality allows generic entry of: Opcodes, parameters and user data to form custom commands that are then executed with the "Execute Command" button. Results in an accumulator can then be read back in various formats (as configured in the web application).

More Info

Description Download
Odyssey Offload Processing User Reference (v2.0)
Odyssey_Offload_Processing_User_Reference v1.2.pdf
Personality configuration file for Custom Command Test personality

Requires minimum firmware v2.0. If needed, see the software download page.