Odyssey Personality – Temperature Collection


This personality Takes advantage of the new Offload Processing capabilities introduced in v2.0 (Odyssey firmware and Smartphone apps). The personality collects temperature readings in a timed loop. The user may then display the collected samples using a single button to auto-index through them (temperatures in Fahrenheit). A second button can index through the same samples with the temps converted to Celsius.

temp collection.jpg

How To Use

Immediately upon entry into the personality, the temperature collection process begins (so the buttons are not active until after collection). Users will see a flash for each of the 8 samples taken every 2 seconds, then see completion of collection when the LED lights solid for 4 seconds.

Then the button for Fahrenheit can be pressed repeatedly to see the collected samples. Or the button for Celsius may be pressed repeatedly. Both buttons index through the same samples.

Users might want to put a finger on the temperature sensor (white top) during collection to see variation in the temperature samples.

Users can copy/edit this personality to change the number of samples or time between samples (from milliseconds to days).

NOTE: Once all 8 samples are displayed, the remaining button presses will display whatever remains in User RAM contents (typically 0 for Fahrenheit or 10 for Celsius).

How It Works

Using the Offload Processing functionality introduced in v2.0, this personality uses I2C accesses, a command loop, math functions, User Ram, auto-indexing, delays and LED controls (all in 13 commands) to achieve the desired result. The "setup commands" area is used to hold the commands for this looped processing because it can hold 15 commands. Thus the personality starts running immediately upon the user selecting it. The 2nd display button (for Celsius) includes math commands to convert stored Fahrenheit samples to Celsius. See the Offload Processing User Reference for the details of this personality and it's commands.

More Info

Description Download
Odyssey Offload Processing User Reference (v2.0)
Odyssey_Offload_Processing_User_Reference v1.2.pdf
Personality configuration file for Temp Collection personality

Requires minimum firmware v2.0. If needed, see the software download page.